How To Grow Statice From Seed

Statice (Limonium sinuatum) is a beautiful, papery flower known for tiny blooms and pleasing colors. There are many different varieties available, ranging from bright whites to pastel oranges and deep purples.

Statice flowers

These sturdy and prolific flowers maintain their color very well, even in their dried form. This makes them a popular option for dried flower bouquets. They are also commonly used as filler flower or to accent a fresh bouquet.

These beautiful flowers are very easy to grow at home. If you’re thinking of adding these to your garden, this guide will help you with the whole process – from seed to harvest.

Step 1: Starting statice seeds

I recommend starting statice from seed indoors. This way, you can choose your own unique varieties and colors to grow. The plants may look a little bit like a weed at first, but rest assured, you’ll soon be rewarded with lovely blooms!

  • Start indoors 8 weeks before your last frost date. In Connecticut, I start statice indoors in mid to late March and plant them outside in mid-May.
  • Sow seeds very lightly in your preferred seed starting mix. Cover them just enough to keep the seeds in place, as light helps them to germinate.
  • Seeds typically germinate in 7-10 days. Keep temperatures around 75°F with warm, moist soil. Be sure not to let the soil or seeds dry out during the germination phase.
  • Depending on the variety of statice, you can have blooms as early as 80 days or as late as 120 days. After planting seeds in mid-March, I usually expect to see blooms around the beginning of July.

Step 2: Transplanting outdoors

Plants hardening off
  • A hardening off period of 1-2 weeks is recommended before transplanting statice outdoors into their final home. This gradually exposes the plants to the outdoor elements.
  • Transplant outdoors after any danger of frost has passed.
  • I recommend planting statice directly in the ground and not growing this flower in containers. It gets rather tall and does well with a bit of room to stretch.

Step 3: Growing conditions

Statice plants in the flower garden
  • Plant statice in full sun for the healthiest plants. Without full sun, statice tends to flop over, requiring support.
  • Space plants about 12″ apart.
  • Statice can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. While it does not tolerate frost, it will happily appreciate the cool spring and summer mornings, as well as the cooler nights in the late summer. Temperatures between 55°F and 80°F are ideal.
  • This flower is also tolerant of heat waves and drought. So, if your mid-summer temperatures reach scorching highs, your statice should be just fine.
  • Well-draining, rich soil is best for these plants. Avoid heavy soils or over-watering.

Different varieties of statice

Statice pink pokers

There are many different varieties of statice you can grow. Depending on the colors and shape you would like, try one of the following for your garden:

  • Johnny’s Pastel Mix – An elegant and delicate mix of pastel shades. Easy to grow from seed and a great variety of color.
  • Pink Pokers – A unique spiky variety that looks great in flower arrangements.
  • Seeker Blue – Deep bluish-purple flowers that add a splash of color to the garden.

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